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Small production runs to individual items all can be catered for with OCD Vapour Blasting

Automotive to Antiques, Firearms to Fine Medical.


The team at OCD Vapour Blasting can handle them all.

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Dry Versus Wet Blasting


Left is Vapour Blasted Aluminium Mazda Timing Cover.

Right is Dry Blasted Mazda Inlet Manifold.

Dry Blasting still leaves article porous to contaminant attack.

No Material Removal


Vapour Blasting cleans and seals the surface, but only removes the contaminants and leaves behind all the ornate detail. Twin hammer shotgun has beautiful antique scroll work.

Wet Blasting Explained


Dry Blasting relies on air pressure to clean, and removal of paints, etc. 

Where as Vapour or Wet Blasting uses water to transport the media to give a more cushioned less abrasive finish.

Plastics Rejuvenation


Removing grey scale, and making older plastics look like like new. Vapour Blasting cleans out the plastic pores of built up dirt, grime, and deteriorated plastic. 

Removal of Carbon


Vapour Blasting can remove deposits such as Carbon buildup from piston but leaves surface clean and sealed to ensure   a great surface.

Cleans Moulds and Housings

Vapour Blasting better enables the cleaning of moulds and production items to allow for faster produ

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Automotive, Marine, Aviation, Antiques, Preparation

From start to finish we can help

Bottom caliper is as dopped off by customer, top is dry blasted prior to being Vapour Blasted.

From projects delivered in- as is condition- through our processes to a finished items.

Small jobs to production level


Production level capability- no job too big or too small.



Troy Pinchen- Thanks Doug and the team at OCD for your fine craftsmanship.

Scott Barter- Oxytech Coatings- I gave OCD a melted billet manifold from our factory fire to restore as a keepsake and it came up amazing.

Gavin Bellamy- Mad finish on my gearbox casing

Mark Petersen- highly recommend very happy with results, explained everything great price, honest, and reliable  

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Prototype or custom articles.


Confidential or licensed prototypes can be dealt with in the strictest confidence. Automotive, Marine, and Aviation contracts already in place regarding these type of senarios.

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