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How do you achieve the results you see here.

1. It all starts with the cleanest possible surface to achieve the best results possible.

2. Removal of Gasket materials, dirt, grease, Oils, etc.

3. Removal of paint, primers, powder coating, etc.

4. Prepare by dry blasting first to achieve best possible finish.

Vapour Blasting lets you achieve the best finish that essentially cleans and seals the surface leaving it requiring no further coating- unless a ferrous metal- Iron based.

No more polishing, just clean with normal detergents, no staining-oil, grease, etc.

Like pores on your skin, Vapour Blasting allows the surface to be cleaned ans sealed in one process.

Fully Insured for all articles, and transport insurance throughout as well.

Mission statement – OCD by name, Quality finish by nature.

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